About Us

Screen Shot 2015-04-13 at 11The West End Home Child Care is an inclusive childcare centre. However, some buildings and homes do not allow wheel chair accessibility. We enrol families with a variety of abilities and disabilities, including but not limited to intellectual disability, autism, and disability since birth, those who need support as well as typical children. To meet our children’s needs, we seek assistance from the City and by consulting with other agencies.

West End Home Child Care Services welcomes and Supports children from all families (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, one parent, etc) and facilitates an empathetic and nurturing environment to give every possible opportunity to the children to keep their unique identity and develop to their fullest potential.

The program is based on a hands-on, free choice approach to learning. The room is set up to cover many interest areas (science, music, art, movement, dramatic play, fine motor / manipulative) and the children are free to choose an activity of interest to them. Daily outings (weather permitted) are an important part of our program and the children enjoy the outdoor time.

Our home care providers are dedicated to the care and well being of your child. They are all professionals and have been trained in a childcare facility.

Parents / Guardians are encouraged to communicate with home care providers and home care consultants regularly regarding the progress of their children.